Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Day Out With Mom

Today I spent the afternoon with my mother.  It is something I don't get to do very often. 
Since it was lunchtime, Mom was kind enough to bring me a ham salad sandwich, a bologna stick, and a piece of jerky.  Mom and Dad had been in OH to see my sister and had bought some jerky at Cabella's.  So she gave me some to try.  It was quite tasty.  You know, no matter how old we are, our mothers will always take care of us.  Even something so simple as a ham salad sandwich to eat on the run.

First, we went  to get some cheap chicken at Food Lion.  That didn't pan out too well.  But I did pick up one bag for one of my boys.

Mom had never been at New Life Thrift Store out by Ollie's and it has been a little while since I was there, too.  So we stopped in. The store is getting fuller.  They have added more shelves of goodies.  They also had a rack of clothes that were $.25.  I noticed too that yellow tags were $.25 and green tags were 50% off.  So
you might find some good bargains there.

This is what I bought for $.25 each!

We had a little extra time so we stopped at Why Buy New? along Rt. 30.  They have 4 racks of clothes for $2 a piece.  Mom and I bought some things for CAM.  Also, all clothes and shoes were 25% off.

                                                         A $2 Shirt from Why Buy New?

All in all, I had a nice time with my mother, even though we rode around in the car.  I am just thankful that my mother is in good health again after 4 or 5 years of pain and 3 operations.  It is a miracle! 

Have you spent time with your mother lately?  Tell me about it.

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