Friday, November 12, 2010

Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andews

Is this your day?

Alarm rings.  Jumped out of bed.  My first alarm didn't ring.
Flew down the stairs, put coffee in microwave, had to put clothes in dryer for children to wear to school. This was only the fourth time I ran it trying to get them dry.

Went to barn to milk.

Promised hubby I would be back out at 8:00, not a minute later. Came in house, clothes still weren't dry, had dryer problems.

Woke children up.  Did computer work.

Josh- Mom, you said you would make pancakes!  How did it get that late?
Kyle- Mom, my belly hurts!  Abby - I don't know what else to put in my lunch!
Made them breakfast while still trying to figure out what was going on with my credit card statement.

7:40- Sigh!
Children went to school.

Browsed Amazon for Christmas gifts to use my $25 Swagbucks.

Hurried out to feed calves! (forgot).

call to the credit card company.

Started my day. Cleaned up kitchen from last night's supper dishes.

More computer work.

Eyes got heavy, couch was inviting.

Hubby interrupted nap.  Scurried to look busy.
Got lunch.

Do you see what's happening with my day?

I have not budgeted my time.  I have not prioritized my work.   I am easily distracted by different things that needs done.  I probably am ADD and just don't know it.  I start something and soon get distracted by something else that really needs done also. I need this book that Amy Lynn Andrews has written and it is just for people like me.

Amy Lynn Andrews has written an e-book called Tell Your Time.  It is a thought provoking book that can change your life.  It is a book that will tell you how to "budget" your time.  If you read this book, you will never look at time the same way again.  It comes complete with charts to print and fill in.  Check it out and let it help you to prioritize and save time just like you are saving money. 

Another e-book on organizing your life is by blogger Life As Mom.  I did not read it, but it seems to be a good book also on how a woman can manage her life as wife, mother, and home manager.  It will help you  to prioritize and keep track of all the other things we women have to keep up with.  You can read more about it here.

If you have read  Organizing-Life as Mom, I would love to hear a review on it.

To buy Tell Your Time, use coupon code SPENDLESS to get almost 50% off! 
(Frugalpals is affiliated with Amy Lynn Andrews' e-book.)

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Beth said...

I am so excited that you did a review of Amy Andrews' ebook "Tell Your Time". I bought this book about a month ago and I cannot say enough about how this book has inspired me. This book is a short read, only 27 pages, but it has a clear concise outline of how to manage your time. This is not another book on housekeeping or how to do more things faster. This is a book for the person that feels like they have to do it all or is constantly playing catch-up. (ME!)
Anyhow, thanks so much for the article. Tell us how it works for you!


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