Monday, December 20, 2010

My Grocery Cart

Kmart Bargains!!
10-5lbs flour $.68 each
3-Orville Redenbacher's Microwave Popcorn $.25 each
1-Candy Canes $1.00
Total Paid-$8.55
Total Saved-$29.57

This was one of those times that I was at the right place at the right time!

Food Lion Deals
12 bags M&Ms $2.15 each
H360 Sandwich Bags $2.50

Total Paid-$20.33
Total Saved-$25.80
Total coupons used $8.00

Whispering Pines Goceries
5lb. Cheddar Cheese $13.25
3-Marvella Cheese(like Velveeta) $3.90 each
2-Close-Up Toothpaste $1.10 each
1 lb.Yeast $3.75
24 Yoplait Yogurt $.11 each
48 Trix Yogurt $.11 each
Total Paid $35.40 (lost my receipt, but the total should be close)

Ollies Buys
2 Whole Wheat Flour $.99 each
1 lb. Yeast $1.99
Cheese Curls $1.29
Mini Pretzels $1.59
3 Austin Snack Crackers $.89 each
2-24 oz Rice $.99 each
Christmas Napkins $1.99

Total Paid-$13.49

Total Paid for the Week-$77.77
Total Saved for the Week-$63.37
Total Coupons Used-$8.00

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