Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Grocery Cart Thoughts

I have been using the cash system for more than six months.  I feel like it has, for the most, part been working for me.  I feel more in control.  This new year, I am going to make a few minor changes with my categories that will make it more organized.

But for the groceries, I would like to show that it does pay to use coupons and shop sales.  It is my goal for the year to save even more.

I have kept track on the blog of what I have spent on groceries for 12 weeks.  Groceries for me consists of any household food, paper, and cleaning supplies.  We have on occasion butchered a steer that we raised ourselves.  Definitely not the cheapest route, but we know what kind of meat we are eating and it also provided a little responsibility for our boys.  We plan to raise another one next year.

Now for the numbers.

We are a family of five.  So for 12 weeks:

 I have averaged $103.15 each week for the amount spent.

I have averaged a savings of $63.56 each week.
Using this average, my total savings for the year would have been $3305.12.

I have averaged a coupon savings of $15.56 each week.
If I would have used this average of coupons each week, I would have saved $809.25 in coupons all year.

So, is it worth it to cut coupons?  I say YES! 

If I would compare my savings to some other coupon clippers' savings, I'm sure I would come out on the low end.  But I know it doesn't pay to compare, and I also know, it is more than I have ever saved before.
So I will keep on clipping coupons and try to save even more this next year!

How much have you saved this year? 

If you don't know, I encourage you to keep a log.  Nothing to long and fancy. 

Just write down the date of the week, how much you spent, how much you saved, and the dollar amount of the coupons you used.

If you don't want to write it down in a notebook, each week leave a comment on My Grocery Cart telling us how much you spent, how much you saved, and the dollar amount of the coupons you used. 

We are anxious to hear from you!!

P.S.  My younger sister keeps track of her groceries on a computer money program.  She compared the last two years' grocery spending and discovered she saved$3000!!

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