Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lowes Clearance

Lowes has ivy plants and kalanchoe plants for $1.  The regular price is $4.98.  Make sure the register rings the price up right.  Mine didn't and I didn't catch it, so I had go back in to customer service.

They also have holly bushes for 50% off.  Regular price is $7.98.  Some of them were varigated leaves. 

Christmas decorations were 75% off. 

I also saw 18 gal. plastic totes for $3.50.  These are good for clothes, toys, and you-name-it to store in the attic. I should have gotten some, but we were buying some lumber, etc. to fix up our chicken pen for the winter.  So I opted out.  Hopefully, I can later.

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