Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Save with Dishwasher Soap

I missed telling you our Way To Save last week so I will tell you my - well, actually it's my younger sister's way to save today. 

My younger sister has a really nifty way to save on dishwasher soap when she runs out of the real stuff.  She uses Dawn dish soap.  Isn' that a good idea?  We all have regular dish soap- so how convenient! 

Well, last week, I ran out of dishwasher soap.  I did not want to go to the store, so I used my Gain dish soap.  I squeezed a little in the cup and started it up and the dishes got washed.  It was a good idea except I thought the plates didn't quite get clean enough. 

So the next time, I thought well, Gain's not quite as good as Dawn and my sister never told me how much to use, so I'll just be a little more generous and really get these dishes good and clean.  So I squeezed around a half of the cup full and started it up.

It run just a little while when one of the children informed me that soap was pouring out the front of the dishwasher!  It was quite a mess!  The soap wouldn't stop coming out onto my floor.  The children thought it great fun with all the suds! 

So I turned the knob closer to the end thinking if I could get it to the last rinse, maybe I could end these suds.  That didn't work. So I put a pan underneath to catch the suds.  Still suds were coming out. After a while, I just turned it off and let the suds go away on their own.  It was amazing how little water was actually in the bottom of my dishwasher!  It made alot of suds!

I rewashed them with REAL dishwasher soap and it was still pretty sudsy!

Lesson learned.  Get all the facts before trying a new idea especially when it comes to dish soap!!

I did ask my sister how much dish soap (after the fact!) and she laughed and said "I just squeeze a big S on the door.  No wonder I had so many suds!!  (I will admit I did have some doubts about the amount of soap that I put in, but I wanted to get them good and clean!)

So, YES!  You can use regular dish soap in place of dishwasher soap if you get in a pinch.  Just  remember dish soap is sudsy!!

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