Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Grocery Cart Week of Feb. 6-12, 2011

Last week's grocery amount is more than normal.  My sister and I are getting geared up again for freezer cooking this week.  Look for a post to see what we have made.

Glenwood Foods
5 lb Mozzerella Cheeese $10.19
20 Land O Lakes Margarine $.79 each
2 Butter $2.89 each
3 Velveeta Cheese $2.99 each
Lettuce $.89 (not pictured)
Choc. Milk $.63 (not pictured)
Chips $.25 (not pictured)
Grocery item $.89 (not sure what this is!)

1 case (88ct) Ca. Oranges $17.95
50 lb Potatoes $13.50

Total Spent $74.85
The amount I saved is not accounted for because this is a discount grocery store.

Food Lion
FL IC Sandwiches $2.79
Blue Bonnet Margarine $.99
4 FL Cream Cheese $1 each
4 Heinz Ketchup BOGO $1.64 each

Total Spent $14.34
Total Saved $9.76

Market Pantry $1.19
Bounty Paper Towels $3.99

Total Spent $5.18

Frozen Food Purchase
48 La Yogurt $.30 each
4 buckets Kemp's Vanilla IC $2.72 each
6 Edy's PB IC $1.27 each

Total Spent $33.30
Again this is discount foods, so savings is not accounted for.

Weis Market
Wishbone French Dressing $2
coupon $1/1final price $1
4 Ragu Sauce $2.50
4 coupons $.30/1 final price $1.30
(these are the large jars)
6 Skippy Peanut Butter $1.66
4 coupon $.60/1 final price $.46
1 coupon $.50/2 final price $.66

Total Spent $12.80
Total Saved $16.99
Total Saved with coupons $9.20
Received $5 catalina coupon to use on 2nd transaction

2nd Transaction at Weis Market
Sunlight Dishwasher Soap $2.99
Weis Lasagna Noodles $1.29
Kleenes $1.34

Total Spent $.88
Total Catalina Coupon $5
Total Saved $6.55

Kmart Finds
Russell Stover Candy $4.99
tear off coupon for $3.99
used $1/1 coupon final price $2.99
4 Orbit Gum $.33
 Orbit gum was a clearance item at the counter.  I'm not sure of the regular price, probably around $1 or more so I will use  $.67 each  when calculating my savings.  The receipt didn't show it.
Total spent $4.31
Total Saved $4.68
Total Coupon Savings $2

Total Spent for the week-$145.66
Total Saved for the week-$42.98
Total Saved using coupons-$16.20

I did do some calculating  to see what my savings would be on the discount groceries.  I figured sale prices (I didn't figure anything for the oranges) and my total savings would have been around $49 for the discount items.  That would have brought my grand total savings to $98.  I really think it pays to buy discount when you can.  The key is to know your prices and watch expiration dates.  Just because it is at a discount store does not mean it is a good deal.

What do you think of discount grocery stores?  Do  you buy discount groceries?

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