Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

In my family, for each of our birthdays, we have a Sister's Day.  This month for my birthday,  I had wanted to go to a farmer's market and a nursery down below Washington DC, but that did not work out.  So we went to some yard sales and ate at China Buffet in Scotland.  We had a little time left, so we visited Maplewood Produce.  I had not been there for years even though it is not very far away.  It is an attractive greenhouse with lots of plants,but not as many as Lurgan Greenhouse.  The prices were just a little higher than Lurgan also.  While there, I found Sangria watermelon plants.  I had planted them one year and had the best and sweetest tasting watermelons!

Here is some of the things I got yard saling-
A heavy hunting coat for $5.

A Carhart coat for $3.  It is not the heavy kind, but that's OK, it should still suit our purposes for our 10 year old.

Our boys work on their grandpa's farm, so these lined jeans are just perfect for winter.

Since it was my birthday month, I chose to splurge a little for myself!

My younger sister got some special deals too!

$25 rocking chair

$.50 lamp ( best bargain of the day)

What was your bargain from yard saling?  We would love to hear!

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