Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Grill Fish

Our family has never been real big fisherman.  My hubby sometimes could catch one, and our children liked the idea of fishing, but we never caught a whole lot.  My boys even tried bow fishing and did not have much success.

This year, my hubby took the children (14, 10, and 8) and went up to Mercersburg to a fishing rodeo.  I know this was probably cheat fishing, but they caught fish!!  They had a lot of fun! 

The limit was 5 and they stayed until they had 15 total.  Then a friend gave them 10 more! 

The worst thing about these 25 fish is that we didn't know how to clean them!  The innernet helped us out there

The friend that gave the extra fish told us how to grill it. Here's how-

After the fish is cleaned, lay it on tinfoil.
Brush with lemon juice.
Put slices of onion on top
with some chunks of butter.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Close it up and put on grill.

I don't know how long it took to get done.  Just after 15 minutes or so, check it.  When you can flake it with a fork, it is ready to eat!

It is quite delicious! 

Here are some pictures of some local fishing we did.  We went with my dad and brother.  My dad was the only one that caught one.

Lyndon didn't like tearing the worm in two!


My brother, Regan

Regan, Lyndon, and Dad

Dad's fish

Do you have any fish tales?  

How do you make your fish?

We would love to hear!! 

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Anonymous said...

Regan's been telling us that he was going fishing...he even named all of you that were going. :) Looks like fun and we always think it's relaxing!



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