Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Local Strawberry Prices

Here are the prices of local strawberries.  If there is any other places, feel free to let us know!

Beam's Blue Mountain Farm, Lurgan
Picking hours-Mon-Fri 7am-11am Sat. 7am-4pm
Price:  U pick -  $2.25/qt     They pick - $3.50/qt

Maplewood, Old Scotland Rd
Price:  U pick - $1.50/lb (a little more than 1/2 qt)    They pick $26/8qt flat  or $3.95/qt 
Call for picking times-532-8973

Produce Stand at the Pa Turnpike

Shippensburg Produce Auction (Leinbach's)
Not many strawberries coming in yet this year.  They seem a little scarce, unless they are later.
Prices for really ripe ones went for $15-$16 a flat which is 8 qt.
Prices for nice ones were going for $22-$25 a flat.
Auction days are Tues and Thurs, except for this week, it will be Fri because of Ascension Day.

Conrad Hege's do not have strawberries this year.

I am sure this is not a complete listing.  If you know of any other good places to pick, let us know.


charity said...

the drying shed in chambersburg usually has beautiful berries and their fields are almost weedless.much more fun to pick there than some other places i've been, but i don't know their prices

Frugal Pals said...

I have never been there. But I know someone who works there. If they pick, the price is $4.50 and if you pick, it is around $3.00.

Elaine Forrester said...

Eberly's out on woodstock road has theirs for 3.95 a quart, 2 or 7.00. They also had another price for 8qt but I forget what it was.


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