Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Favorite Cookbook?

It is a hard decision to make about which is my favorite cookbook.  I have quite a collection of them.

As you can see, this cookbook is well used.  I got this for a wedding gift  22 years ago. It is the new Mennonite Cookbook (by Esther Shank) and was very popular back then.  I used that until the cover came off and pages came out.  I still use it for certain recipes.

Then the Basics and More came out and I really liked that one.  I still do.  Some of my canning recipes come from this cookbook.

Probably the most pleasant cookbook is the Simply Delicious cookbook.  It is laid out nicely and the index is very detailed.  I use this one for bread recipes.

I have gotten Taste of Home cookbooks in the mail at one time.  But I found I had to buy special ingredients for the recipes.  It seems they use alot of  mixes and things like that.  I don't cook like that.  If I want to make a special meal with pretty foods, I might look in one of these.

I also like church and family cookbooks.  You usually find down- home cooking in these types. 

Maybe someday my sister and I will do a freezer cookbook!

What is your favorite cookbook? 

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