Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Onions Make You Cry? Try This!

If chopping onions make you cry, chew gum!  This is a little crude, but it seems I had to chew with my mouth open!!  I did not shed a tear!

Do you have a trick to chopping onions?

Photo by Chem Chem


Michael & Lydia said...

I discovered it matters what kind of or how strong the onion is. I was told to not cut the roots off the onion until the last thing. There is some for glans in there that send off the strongest smell.. Also, put it in fridge a bit before chopping or slicing.
One way to get onion off your hands is to rub them over metal while in water. I rub them on the faucet after putting them under faucet with water on.

Frugal Pals said...

Also, if you wear contacts, your eyes won't water. The contacts must seal your eyes from the onion gases.


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