Monday, September 13, 2010


Kmart in Carlisle has a very nice book section.  As you go in the door, to your right is a big corner of all books.  The children's books selection would be very appealing to the younger child, up to age 8 or 10 depending on reading level.  They had Dr. Suess, Curious George, Bisket, Princess stories, etc.  They also had combined books.  For example, Curious George had 8 stories in one big hardback book.  Very nice looking for a gift.  The prices for the combo books are not cheap, ranging from around $9-$15.  The single stories are priced around $3.99 or a little more.  But all in all, I was impressed with the selection for children. I can't vouch for the adult books.  There was a lot there, but I can't say much for them.

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