Friday, October 15, 2010

A Way To Save

Being a farmer's wife, we have an endless supply of milk . I am always trying to find ways to use that to my advantage and learn to make things myself. One of the things I have tried in the past was making my own cheese and yogurt.
   Everyone loved the cheese, but it took a lot of milk to make a little bit of cheese. It also was very time consuming. It took all day to make maybe a pound of cheese. We eat too much cheese that I could never keep up making it. I now am a member of Sam's Club and usually I get my cheese there  in 5 lb. bags. I only pay $2.30 lb. So it doesn't really pay to make your own cheese even with all the free milk.
  Another thing I do with my milk is to make my own yogurt. This is something that is simple. Mix it up, put it in oven overnight, and in the morning, you have yogurt. I think it is much better for you.
   I love to have milk at my fingertips. We go through about a gallon every other day. If I was buying it at the store at $3.50 a gallon, I would add $14.00 (at least) on my grocery bill. It is one of the perks of being a farmer's wife.

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Beth Druist said...

My hubby said when he lived on the farm, they made homemade ice cream or smoothies every weekend. I use raw milk too, and keep searching for a good ice cream recipe. Do you have any that doesn't require half and half or whipping cream?


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