Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clearance Shopping at Target

It's important when you are shopping to know where the clearance items are located.  You can waste alot of time looking for them.  At Target, it's very simple.  Most clearance items can be found on the end caps along the walls.  Apparently it is a selling strategy to hide them from the main drag of shoppers.  Clearance clothes are not found along the main aisles either, but they are easier to find by looking for the red clearance signs.

Target has alot of clearance items right now.  Some had good prices and some not so good.  For example, most clearance candles were $5 or up(not so good).  Fast drying bath towels were $2 (good price) which was 50% off.

I bought 2 shirts for $2.48 and a pack of organizer boxes for $1.50

Do you shop for clearance items at Target? 

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