Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Freezer Meals Part Two

One piece of advice.  Cook with a friend (or sister).  It is more fun.  It goes faster.  And if you are like my sister and I who can procrastinate, it  helps it get done.  Two are better than one.

Making freezer meals preparation starts a week or two beforehand.  We choose a day.  Then we talk about what we would like to make and right some ideas down.  When the day gets closer, we start making lists

The first list is names of recipes that we have chosen to make.  We usually have some recipes we make almost every time and sometimes try a one new one.  I have a book that I like to keep a record of what we make and any changes we should do next time.  This is helpful so each time we don't have to figure everything out again. 

In my book, I copy each recipe and then beside it, how many times we need to make the recipe.  No doubts or questions the big day.

One of us will make a grocery list and fax it to the other.  Then we check our cupboards and freezers for supplies.  Then it's off to the grocery store.  If we plan ahead, we can buy some things on sale.

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