Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Blessing Today

It is hard to believe that it is November already. That means Christmas is right around the corner.

Last year my sister and I had a Blessing Basket.   Each day in November, we posted one thing we were thankful for.  We would like to do it again this year with some input from our friends. What are you thankful for??  Yes, we are all thankful we have health, family, and Jesus.  But today, pay close attention to the things that we take for granted and that we should be thankful for.  You may tell us your blessings in the comment area below.

Today I am thankful-
          -for washing machines and dryers. As I sit here writing away, it is back there washing and drying my clothes.  My neighbor down the road is probably putting hers thru a ringer washer and then having to hang them out hoping for a good drying day. I am so thankful I don't have to do that. I hate doing laundry and the less I have to do with it and the fastest way to get it done is good for me.
                                        ~younger sister

This is really a time of searching for me.  What am I really taking for granted? And what blessing am I missing because I am running to and fro worrying about all kinds of things and not stopping to be thankful.   So..... I am thankful for-
       -the different seasons.  I am glad God put me in this area (even tho I threaten to run off to Montana occasionally!), that has four different seasons during the year. We can enjoy a variety of weather. Yes, sometimes the weather seems a little mixed up, but you know, we all enjoy talking about the weather!  Each season has it's own beauty. I really don't know which season is my favorite because each one is enjoyable!
                                               -older sister

Now, we want to hear from you-

                       What are you thankful for today?

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Pam said...

Today I am thankful for Sunday afternoons when I can nap, read, write, or sit back and just enjoy the last vestiges of autumns color. What could be better? Thank You, LORD!
Pam at


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